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When having your new boiler or central heating system fitted it is imperative that the water inside the heating system is cleaned and any dirt particles or flux flushed out. This is achieved by using chemicals and a machine called a power flush machine or a magnacleanse machine or both if it’s really dirty.! The importance of this is paramount for your boiler warranty as it’s of no use having a 10 year warranty and after 6 months to a year you have a problem with your new boiler due to sludge causing problems in your new boiler. The engineer from the manufacturer will attend and test the water and if they find it’s not been cleaned then your warranty will be null and void. Here at Itchen Heating you will be glad to know that we magnacleanse every system as standard practice and have never once been called back to faulty workmanship due to not cleaning the existing heating system to British Standard 7593:2019. In fact we frequently record our cleaning and it’s measured to within 10% of drinking water quality! This BS number can be found online and researched so when you have the expensive purchase of a new boiler installed it’s worth checking that the system is being cleaned properly and the correct chemicals added to maintain that water quality.